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INTERVIEW: DJ Price of Reason Clothing - The Reasons Behind Reason

Good god it was nice yesterday - The end is near. LOOSEWORLD (Skyler and Brian) seized the opportunity (made an excuse) to take a trip to the East Village and pop into the Reason Outpost.

We walked in the store to find that Reason founder DJ Price was in the building. Since we had our 5D and a pad of paper in hand it only made sense to do a little nosing around.

LOOSEWORLD: So, first off, why is it The Outpost?

Price: Well, we’ve always wanted to specifically brand our stores under its own entity. Our style is reminiscent of early American work wear and the industrial period, 1920’s and earlier. We needed a creative title to get our point across and Outpost always stood out to me, so we ran with it. It allows us to have Outposts in different cities, different neighborhoods. It’s really just like our retail extension of our brand and online presence.

LW: Obviously there are a lot of things to expect when you go from an online store to an actual storefront in the city, but what was the biggest surprise?

Price: The biggest surprise for sure was to be accepted by the community and the neighborhood as a vintage store. A lot of the customers that we get on a daily basis have never even heard of the brand before. It’s surprising for me to see different people of all ages and walks of life coming in to the store, understanding the concept and actually purchasing.

LW: How has Reason changed from when you started?

Price: I think Reason has matured as a clothing line as I have matured as an adult. When we started the brand, I was a young adult and I was into street wear, so we were a street wear brand, but as I grew older, my fashion taste changed, and so did the brand. Now we’re more of a mature line that has classic pieces that we create to be as timeless as possible. You can wear them now, you can wear them 5 years from now and you could have worn them 30 years ago. It still would’ve been fashionable and easy to wear.  

LW: Do you think that is a trend we are seeing more now in older street clothing lines?

Price: I think a lot of street wear clothing lines have their unique look that you can put your finger on, like chains or guns or something. We tried that for awhile but eventually we found ourselves. Now that we sell vintage in the store, people can understand where our inspiration comes from. We hand pick all of our vintage pieces so that you can identify with them and see the where we get our inspiration.

LW: Before we ever met and I was still in high school in Los Angeles, I had the white and gold Diplomats hoodie (so dope), but after I moved to NYC and found out that the company behind it were New York kids my age and it added a level of authenticity to it.

Price: A big part of the line is that we create clothing for ourselves and for people our age, and our generation. You know, a lot of people who design clothing aren’t really designing clothing for us. They design for a customer who has a lot more money or even more style. But, we try to do it for us.

LW: Where do you find your designers and what do you guys look for when you are hiring new people?

Price: We look for really hard-working, diligent, young and successful people who are willing to be a part of the team. It’s like a machine, everyone has their own little gear, but together we run. I would say to anyone looking for a job in a fun and artistic label, just get involved, work as hard as possible, show your worth and your value and be specific about what you want to do. Especially within the company.

LW: So, obviously you’re still DJing. I blacked out when you were playing at Riff Raff the other night. Do you find that music influences your role in the company or vice versa?

Price: For sure. The music in the store is very specific. We keep it alternative, rock n’ roll, and classic. We don’t like having any dance music, no house music, no new hip hop. We like having old school 90’s hip hop and the New York things that we grew up on. So, the musical direction of the store is very important to put you in the right mood for shopping.

I am still doing mixtapes for the label and we still put them out in the store. We are gonna have a Reason Outpost mixtape soon which will kind of explain the whole sound and aesthetic of the store through music.

LW: With the Mayan calendar upon us there is a little sense of urgency, but what can we expect from you guys in the near future?

Price: Our spring line comes out in March. It’s really exciting! All new tops and pants and jackets and t-shirts. We get new vintage clothes every week. Besides that, we have a lot of events planned coming up for the Winter Music Conference in Miami and SXSW in Austin, TX. And then the summer; we’re hoping to expand. We have new partners coming on and employees and stuff, so, I’m really excited. 

LW: Where can we stay up on all of that? 

Price: www.reasonclothing.com , or just come and talk to us over here at 436 East 9th Street, between 1st Ave & Ave A.

LW: Very dope, but  most importantly and what the people really want to hear… when can they expect the LOOSEWORLD x Reason collaboration?

Price: Mixtape? CD? T-shirt package? What are we talking?

LW: Everything!

Price: Let get to work! Spring and Summer 2012! I can’t wait for our next pool party together, the last one was memorable! 

LW: I like it. Thanks for letting us chop it up. We get a discount now right? 

(They laugh and LOOSEWORLD is kicked out of the store waves goodbye)  

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